The lifelong dream of Mr. Lahora Singh Brar culminated in the founding of Brar Natural Flour Milling, which has been the producer of Sher Atta Family of Products.With this lifelong dream also came the dedication to produce high quality products which remind one of the tastes of India. Since Mr. Brar's humble beginnings the company has grown tremendously now having two massive manufacturing plants operating simultaneously in Winnipeg and Abbotsford. With passage of time Mr. Brar's children have come to share his vision and dream and our dedicated into making the Sher Atta Family of products a household name in all corners of Canada and perhaps the world.

About Us

The Sher Atta Family of Products is brought to you by Brar Natural Flour Milling. It is fast becoming a household name across Canada, owing to its high quality and memorable logo depicting a majestic Lion - the very symbol of strength and pride. The Lion (Sher in Hindi) is the King of the Jungle. Similarly Sher Atta family of products is the King of every market its being introduced and supplied to. Our products like our name sake are of the highest quality and strength thus we are the King of the market.

Besides their high quality range of products, Brar Natural Flour Milling and Sher Atta over the years has been involved in numerous community and charitable based initiatives as they believe in giving back to the community and to the world whose abundance has made Sher Atta possible. read more

Our Products

Brar Natural Flour Milling manufactures and provides a range of products under the Sher and Brar Brands. We currently manufacture the following items: We also market our Sher Assam Tea and Lentils, and are always exploring new products to help meet our customer’s diverse needs. We have also recently introduced a GLUTEN FREE line of products to help meet our customer’s health needs.

Sher Durum Atta Desi Style
Sher Durum White Whole Wheat Atta Fiber Wala
Sher Brown Whole Wheat Atta Whole Grain
Brar Sweet Corn Flour
Sher Besan
Sher Besan
Sher Kala Chana Flour
Sher Bajri Flour
Cracked Wheat (Dalia)
Sooji Wheat Granules
Daal Chana

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