This clarification is to address the latest controversy regarding the presence of plastic in our flour. When you wash the wheat flour dough, soluble granules of starch wash away. What you are left with is an insoluble mass which is sticky and elastic. This is 100% natural wheat gluten made of wheat protein. This insoluble material naturally exists in wheat grain so, it's not a plastic or any other foreign material.

We take complete responsibility of the claim that our Sher Atta/wheat flour is free of plastic or any other foreign material. Moreover our products meet all the food safety standards and go through a seamless process before being sent to the market. Our facilities are regularly supervised by CFIA and U.S. FDA. We will request our consumers to disregard all such false claims regarding Sher Atta and use it without any hesitation. We will continue to serve with utmost dedication and commitment and look forward to support from our loyal customers.

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